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 What Makes a Supercar, Luxury Car, or Exotic Car?

What Makes a Supercar, Luxury Car, or Exotic Car?

Many people have a vehicle that they love and care a great deal about. Knowing how your car is classified can help you ensure you are getting maintenance and service done by a qualified mechanic if you are trying to either avoid dealership service department prices or there is not a dealer for your brand of vehicle within a convenient distance of you. Plenty of mechanics are capable of working on more common vehicles such as Jeeps, Fords, Chevys, etc., but not all mechanics are qualified to work on exotic, luxury, or supercars. But what qualifies your vehicle as being in one of these categories? 

If you own an exotic car, this generally means that your vehicle is exclusive or was produced in limited numbers. So, either your vehicle is one of few that were made, or it is so expensive or has buying restrictions that make it inaccessible to a substantial percentage of buyers. An exotic car can also be a car that perhaps was not originally produced in limited quantities, but over time, fewer and fewer of these vehicles remain on the road, such as classic cars that have been restored. Exotic cars can also include vehicles that have been custom-built or built using uncommon materials.  

A luxury car would be a vehicle that is designed to provide elevated levels of comfort, added features, quality, or status. These vehicles are often crafted using the highest quality materials to ensure that they hold up well and provide the maximum amount of comfort possible for the driver and passengers. While most luxury vehicles have historically been larger cars, recent shifts in trends are now seeing compact luxury cars or sports cars that fall under the category of luxury as well.  

Supercars are all about performance. For a vehicle to be considered a supercar, it must meet a certain level of performance, including top speed and acceleration. Other factors that go into making a vehicle a supercar are things like driver experience, power-to-weight ratio, and even price and rarity.  

If your vehicle matches any of these descriptions, make sure you are only having it serviced by someone who has demonstrated qualifications to perform maintenance and service. This will ensure that your vehicle is getting the specialized care it deserves and requires.