20 Years Experience

Faith Automotive specializes in premium auto service and high-performance upgrades and is widely recognized for our expert knowledge of exotic, imported, and luxury automobile repair and high-performance modifications.

We work on many different brands of exotic and luxury vehicles such as Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Bugatti, McLaren, and more.

Faith Automotive was founded in 2017 in Louisville

Although we have decades of luxury vehicle maintenance experience, we are constantly perfecting our craft. Faith Automotive is the place to go for general repair, service, or high-performance modification of your exotic import or domestic vehicle.

We do factory scheduled maintenance, tune ups, brake work, major repairs, pre-purchase inspections, steering and suspension repair, engine service and repair, transmission service and repair, driveline service and repair, heating and air conditioning service and repair, engine cooling system service and repair, ECU diagnostic, reprogramming, high-performance tuning, electrical diagnosis and repair, and so much more. It is extremely important to have any car inspected before buying so you can have peace of mind that the vehicle you're purchasing is a good investment. We are always willing to consult with you on any problems you are having with your car. We can set up a preventative maintenance schedule with you to keep your car from developing any serious problems. Staying up to date on maintenance will keep you ahead of any costly repairs or breakdowns. Faith Automotive will consider your vehicle's age, your driving habits, and the manufacturer's recommendations to give you fair and accurate suggestions after every service.

Trust Faith Automotive

The most important part of any relationship is trust, especially when it comes to the experience of servicing your vehicle. Faith Automotive is raising the industry's standard for quality service and maintenance on Exotic and Luxury cars.

Our friendly atmosphere brings a personal touch to the care we provide for our customers. We pride ourselves on providing unapparelled customer service and the use of only the highest quality parts. We offer personalized care, unbeatable quality, and honest service to our customers.

We care about building a relationship with our customers in order to earn their repeat business. Vehicles today, especially specialty vehicles such as exotic cars and supercars, have many complex internal systems. For vehicles like these, you need a mechanic with the specialized technical experience to diagnose and repair any problems you may have with your vehicle, from minor services to major repairs. Whether it's solving simple nuisance noises to more complicated
problems, we spare no attention to detail to ensure your car is safe for you and your family. We will evaluate what type of repairs your car needs and perform the work quickly and professionally to perform high-quality diagnostics and automotive repairs on your vehicle.
Our passion is customers satisfaction, which is why we pledge to maintain only the highest standards of the automotive service profession.

Faith Automotive was founded in 2017 in Louisville

Faith Automotive is located in Kentuckiana, just a few miles across the Ohio River and a short drive over the bridge.

Faith Automotive was founded in 2017

We started at Forza Tuning & Performance before they relocated to Florida. After that, it quickly became apparent that there was a lack of other options for luxury, exotic, and supercar owners to service their vehicles in the area. Faith Automotive stepped in to fill that need, and we soon became the most trusted experts for supercar owners in Louisville.

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Richard Datillo Head Mechanic

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